Jeff Bridges – Multi-Talented & Making it Look Easy

by Liisa Kyle, Ph.D. on 06/11/2011

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His first acting gig was at four months of age.  He was first nominated at age 22 for a best acting Oscar for his work in The Last Picture Show.  Thirty-eight years later, Jeff Bridges would finally win an Academy Award for his performance in Crazy Heart.

In the interim, he’s been a much admired journeyman actor crafting iconic performances in 50 films including Tron, Starman, Fisher King, Fearless and of course, The Big Lebowski.

Of course he’s a skilled musician, as demonstrated on screen in The Fabulous Baker Boys and Crazy Heart.  He also sang “Ring of Fire” with Kim Carnes over the opening credits of The Contender.  He’s just signed a recording contract with Blue Note/EMI and is presently working on his debut album with T. Bone Burnett.

But that’s not all.  He’s a skilled photographer who documents his film shoots (he creates hard-bound books of his photos for the cast and crew — here are some samples),shown his work in galleries and exhibitions and also published a book of his photography.

Jeff Bridges is also a cartoonist whose work has been shown in K-PAX and Door in the Floor.   Here are some more samples.

Jeff Bridges is an inspiration for multi-talented people who yearn to create in many media.


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Douglas Eby April 11, 2013 at 7:32 pm

Jeff Bridges on releasing his first music album: “People like to put things in a box — and they do that with their own lives too, they limit things — but it’s all art to me…all art is truth. People try to define things and make it easier for their mind to digest things, I guess. But music has been part of my life since I was a kid.” – From page: Multitalented creative people

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