Too many talents? You’re in the right place.

by Lisa Rothstein on 09/15/2010

Leonardo DaVinciWelcome to The DaVinci Dilemma™. Here you’ll find like-minded creative people as well as tools like quizzes and great resources to help you

You’ll also get hints, strategies and models to enhance your creativity while dealing with the challenges DaVincis commonly face, including procrastination, fear, distractions, motivation issues, regrets, perfectionism, maintaining life balance and handling technology.

You’re special, but you are not alone.

Yes There Are Enough Hours in the Day

January 7, 2015 Balance
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Accomplish more, improve your life balance, and get more important things done each day with these simple techniques.

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Make the Most of 2015

December 3, 2014 Direct Your Talents
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Take steps now to experience, learn, acquire, accomplish or complete your real priorities in 2015.

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Suspend Judgment

November 5, 2014 Perfectionism
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Are you someone who judges everything around you? Here are four proven techniques to suspend judgment.

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What are You Practicing?

October 1, 2014 Motivation Issues
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You have an opportunity, right now, to examine what you’re practicing — in thought, word and deed — and to make adjustments as needed.

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Doing What Works

September 3, 2014 Direct Your Talents
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The better you know yourself, the easier it is to be happy, healthy and productive.

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Five More Ways to Blast Creative Blocks

August 7, 2014 Creative Blocks

Get unstuck. Four more proven ways to overcome creative blocks.

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Do Less to Do More

July 3, 2014 Direct Your Talents
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Ditch your lengthy to do list(s). You’ll get more done with less stress with this simple but effective technique.

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Portfolio Careers – A Natural Fit for DaVincis

June 4, 2014 Work with Your Talents
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As a multi-talented person juggling numerous activities, it makes sense to generate income in more than one arena.

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Pharrell – ‘Happy’ to be Multi-Talented

May 7, 2014 Inspiration
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Pharrell Williams has been wildly successful using his many talents in music, film, art, design, fashion and more.

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Is procrastination genetic?

April 17, 2014 Procrastination
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Maybe your tendency to put things off isn’t your fault after all….

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