DaVinci 101

So, what is The DaVinci Dilemma™?

Too many talents. Not enough bandwidth. It’s a problem as old as human genius itself. Even the original Renaissance Man, Leonardo Da Vinci, castigated himself for his many unfinished works and called his self-judged inadequate efforts “an affront to man and to God.”

How do you get anything done when you’re  good at everything? How do you decide where to put your attention? How do you find a way to honor and pursue all your talents  without driving yourself – and everyone else—crazy?  This is the essence of the DaVinci Dilemma™.

Quiz:  Do you have the DaVinci Dilemma™?

Please answer ‘True’ or ‘False’:

I love doing all sorts of things but I don’t seem to accomplish much.

I consider myself a ‘jack of all trades.’

I have tons of great ideas and kick myself that I don’t do more with them.

I balk when people pressure me to focus on only one skill or project.

Rare is the day when I feel I’ve used most of my talents.

People close to me have teased me about starting so many projects that I never finish.

I struggle to choose among my talents.

I have lots of skills but I don’t feel very content with my life.

I look outwardly successful to others, but I don’t feel I’m living up to my potential.

I sometimes hide my talents, so others don’t think I’m showing off.

I feel guilty about all my half-done projects.

I have several talents I haven’t used in years.

There are so many possible options, I can’t decide what to do.

I’ve got a lot of skills but I feel stuck.

I get paid for one skill, but other talents are closer to my heart.

I can’t see how I could make a living doing any of the things I really love to do.

When I’m working on something, I’m painfully aware of the other projects and talents I am neglecting.

I’m good at a lot of things yet there’s never enough time to do any of them.

It’s difficult for me to get through an entire project without being distracted by many interesting alternatives.


Now:  count up the number of your “True” responses:

0 – 2 “True”:  You’re a Dubious DaVinci. We have no idea why you’re still reading this page .  You can stay, but please don’t be smug or we’ll have to ask you to leave.

3 – 5 “True”:  You’re a Dandy DaVinci. Dang!  You’ve got your time and talents under control.  Please consider posting to our blog.  You can find our Submission Guidelines here.

6 – 10 “True”:  You’re a Definite DaVinci. We feel your pain trying to keep all those balls in the air.  Stick around as we share tips to help.

11 or more “True”:  Oh, dear. You’re a Dire DaVinci. You’ve probably been called a flake, A.D.D. or worse.  We disagree.   You’re simply too talented for your own good.  And guess what?   There are a lot of us in the same situation.  So relax and enjoy as you explore our website.