Is procrastination genetic?

by Lisa Rothstein on 04/17/2014


A recent article in the Huffington Post cited a study that suggest that procrastination might be an inherited trait.
(You can read the article here.)

Basically, researchers found that impulsivity and a tendency to procrastinate went hand in hand and were likely genetic.

But before you rejoice that it’s really not your fault that you keep choosing Big Bang Theory rerun marathons over working on your novel or creating the marketing for your business, think again.

Of course, it’s never helpful to beat yourself up for putting things off or any habit you want to change.

But it’s probably just as unhelpful to conclude that you’re a “born procrastinator” and have no hope of overcoming it.

First of all, the research is NOT conclusive and there’s no way of telling if YOU are even among those who got the “I’ll get around to it” gene.

Second of all, if you really want to do something, you can beat almost any predisposition, genetic or otherwise.

Even if you don’t have the procrastination gene, it’s that desire you’ll need to get through the resistance that accompanies doing the work for so many creative people.

So blame your mom, dad or lazy uncle Harry if you must…and then do what it takes to care enough to get it done anyway.


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