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Liisa Kyle, Ph.D - Coaching for Creative People

Liisa Kyle, Ph.D  – Coaching For Creative People

Liisa Kyle is the go-to coach for smart, creative people who want to overcome challenges, get organized, get things done, and get more out of life.  She’s an internationally published writer/editor/photographer who has authored books about self-worthhappiness, goal setting & planning, getting things done, self-worth, overcoming procrastination, overcoming perfectionism, getting over regrets, disappointments and past mistakes, how to make real, directed, personal change, and how to make the most of a milestone birthday such as your 40th or 50th.  She earned her Ph.D. in Psychology from the University of Michigan.  As an international consultant, she has coached individuals, facilitated groups, and delivered inventive workshops on four continents. Liisa’s artistic pursuits include working in metal, glass, clay, textiles, paper and more.  Her creative works have been featured in galleries, art fairs, and juried exhibitions.

For more information, please visit http://www.LiisaKyle.com and  http://www.CoachingForCreativePeople.com/.

To contact Liisa Kyle:  http://bit.ly/contactliisakyle

Lisa RothsteinLisa Rothstein – Solutions for Creative Entrepreneurs

A graduate of Brown University in Communications, Lisa Rothstein began her series of creative careers as a street performer in New York City. Trading her street corner for a corner office, she became a top Madison Avenue copywriter/creative director at such firms as Young & Rubicam on brands like IBM and Hanes.  Today, as a certified Life Purpose™ Coach and consultant, Lisa  helps other Madison Avenue alumni, entrepreneurs and companies clarify their goals, optimize their talents and communicate their brilliance. She also assists her fellow screenwriters as a script consultant. Lisa has been a professional choral singer, a cartoonist and watercolorist and a stand-up comedian.  As a screenwriter, Lisa is represented by agent Caren Borhman and manager Andrew Kersey. http://www.TheDaVinciCoach.com and http://www.LifeAfterMadAve.com

Who we are:

Liisa Kyle, Ph.D & Lisa Rothstein, The "DaVinci Divas"

* Two people who live The DaVinci Dilemma™ daily. We know what it’s really like to live with multiple talents – the joys and challenges of The DaVinci Dilemma™.

* We are highly motivated to find practical techniques to optimize and enhance DaVinci life.

* Between us, our expertise covers: psychology, creativity, analytical thinking, communications, organization, education, graphic design, fine art, film, theatre, research, marketing, social media, writing, design, music, public speaking, comedy and many arts and crafts.

* We are experienced, professional storytellers who tell compelling, entertaining tales in print, radio, film and digital media.

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What we do:

* We research and synthesize remedies and apply it to the unique phenomenon of The DaVinci Dilemma

* We develop and test diverse, effective solutions for multi-talented people.

* We observe and document a wide range solutions that work for DaVincis.

* We share what we know through:

  • this website
  • individual and group coaching
  • learning events such as workshops, seminars, teleseminars, web-inars
  • educational products

* We are proud Partners of
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