Corporate Consulting

Want a happier work environment, a more productive, creative team and raving-fan customers? Try DAVINCI CORPORATE CONSULTING™.

The workplace is where leveraging people’s talents counts the most. Unfortunately, it’s where it often happens the least.

More companies like Zappos and Google are discovering that creating the conditions where people can contribute their unique talents contributes directly to the bottom line, in the form of better customer service, better rentention, better attitudes…better everything.

We want to bring our experience working with and for companies like Deloitte, IBM, Young & Rubicam, Johnson & Johnson and more to groups like yours, whether you’re part of a small business or a large multinational corporation. Because the more of your people’s talents get used, the higher their satisfaction and productivity.

That’s why for individuals, leaders and working groups of multi-talented people, we offer:

* organizational assessments to make the most of the talents of everyone on your team
* strategic planning to create a road map to your business goals
* communication strategies to improve internal and external relationships
* executive assessment to identify core talents and strengths
* executive coaching to increase satisfaction and effectiveness through the use of core talents
* meeting facilitation for the most productive use of your time together and the clearest results
* event design and delivery for memorable, fun and effective seminars
* educational workshops to give your people the vital training and development they need
* developing and managing multiple talents, so they enhance rather than stymie productivity and effectiveness
* dealing with procrastination, distractions, fear — to remove roadblocks to success and renew enthusiasm and focus

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