Stuck? Want to jump-start your motivation & get great results      FAST in your life, creative projects or business? Work with a DaVinci Coach™!

If you’re a DaVinci type who wants to:

  • make the most of your talents
  • beat self-defeating thoughts and behaviors once and for all
  • master stress and your time
  • start your own business based on your passions

Great news! You can now work with your very own DaVinci Coach™, a qualified professional who understands your special challenges and opportunities, and will give you the tools to help you be your very best, most productive and happiest you.  Liisa Kyle, Ph.D. and Lisa Rothstein, certified coaches and co-authors of the upcoming book The DaVinci Dilemma™, Solutions forMulti-Talented People, specialize in helping multi-talented artists, professionals and entrepreneurs reach their personal and professional goals with ease. Complimentary intro sessions available now!

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*Learning Events and Group Coaching*

We know DaVincis learn best in interactive environments so we will be offering fun, informative workshops, seminars, teleseminars and webinars. Click here to get on the list for our upcoming events and programs!

We’d also love to hear from you about what YOU’D like to learn and experience.

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