The New “Normal”

by Liisa Kyle, Ph.D. on 02/11/2015

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What’s “normal“?  Anything you want it to be.   These days — thanks to technology, globalization, and the waning of past cultural or societal traditions — you have the potential to live and work however you choose.  You can take on whatever projects are meaningful to you. You can arrange your living situation, activities, and schedules accordingly. You can decide how you present yourself to the world — in thought, word, deed, and appearance.  You can create your own, unique version of “normal”.  To the extent you do so, the happier and more fulfilled you can be.

How does that sounds to you? How do you react when you consider that you can live your life any way you want?  If you are excited about the prospects, please go do something about it right now.

If, however, you are skeptical — or fearful — or overwhelmed, please read on:

Let’s put things in context.  Once upon a time, people living in a common environment were expected to live similar lives. It made sense that people inhabiting a given location would eat similar things, dress similar ways, and behave alike.  For one thing, there were common,  often limited, resources that restricted diversity within a given group.  Over time, the group, itself, would impose overt and subtle pressures to conform to societal norms and expectations.  This created first tribal, then national, customs and traditions.

As the world continued to turn, people became exposed to varied environments, societies, and options. The more people explored, the more they became familiar with different ways other people lived — and the more options infiltrated into the cultural consciousness.  The more technology has advanced, the faster new options have been generated, the swifter they have been communicated, and the more they’ve multiplied. These days, people have an unprecedented range of possibilities available — in every area of life.

The bottom line for DaVincis is that we can use these rapid, myriad changes to our advantage.  We can pursue our multiple passions for fun and profit.  We can let our freak flag fly. We can create our own, unique version of “normal”.

Take a few moments to ask yourself:  What is fulfilling and gratifying for you?  What’s important?  What’s fun?  What’s pleasant? What makes life worth living?  How can you utilize your unique talents to create a life you love?

Once you sort out your current priorities, consider logistics:  given you your unique circumstances, preferences, and talents, how can you implement your own, unique New Normal?

Answering this may require research, creative problem solving, and trial-and-error. Keep an eye out for options and inspiration.  As you implement changes, pay attention to what works well and what doesn’t. What adjustments can you make going forward so that you are moving towards your preferred ‘New Normal’?

Next, how will you prepare yourself for the challenges that will arise?

The number one thing getting in the way of your New Normal is likely to be fear.  Beyond that, you may face challenges in time management, organization, staying on task and getting things doneProcrastination and perfectionism are issues that may arise — not to mention life/work balance.

 It’s up to you to find and implement solutions tailored for your unique talents, circumstances, and preferences.  As multi-hyphenates who are well familiar with all these challenges, Lisa Rothstein and I co-founded The DaVinci Dilemma (TM) — to help you do just that.  As you browse our articles and books, you will find dozens of ideas, tips, techniques and strategies so you can create the New Normal that’s right for you.


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