Declare Independence From The To-Do List

by Lisa Rothstein on 07/04/2013

Independence Day means creative independence and freedom for DaVincis! so if the traditional To-Do List makes you feel more overwhelmed and chaotic than in control and productive, then break the tyranny — this low-tech alternative may be just right for you! I’ve been using it for a few weeks and find I am dropping fewer balls (see our blog’s logo!) and feeling calmer and more focused. Check out our first video blog  (excuse the”Singin’ in The Rain”- style sound quality  — movie buffs will know what I mean) and try this technique out. And please comment below and share how YOU keep track of all you do as a DaVinci!

Thanks to Stephanie Calahan for turning me on to this method.  Oh, and if you want to see the “Singin’ in the Rain” reference I mentioned… here it is below, just for fun (look for my rookie mistake about 50 seconds in, LOL — a great reminder NOT to let perfectionism stop you from sharing your ideas! )  Have a happy 4th of July and enjoy the freedom to enjoy all your talents today!

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