The ‘Why Do – To Do’ List

by Liisa Kyle, Ph.D. on 11/21/2012

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Are you procrastinating?  Are there things on your ‘to do’ list you’re having a difficult time doing?  Or maybe your ‘to do’ lists aren’t getting done at all.

If this sounds like you,consider trying a ‘why do’ list. Basically, add a new column to your ‘to do’ list, entitled ‘why’.  If you’re not getting something done, brainstorm reasons why you might do it.  According to Michael Pantalon, the originator of this technique, by asking ‘why’ subsequent times, you’ll get to deeper,  more personally compelling reasons for doing something.
 Why should I go to the gym?  Because I want to gain strength and lose flab.  Why?  Because I want to be healthier.   Why?  Because I want to be strong and capable for many, many years.
 Why should I write this blog post?  Because I want to share proven procrastination-busting techniques with fellow DaVincis.  Why?  Because I want to help creative people do more, more effectively.  Why?  Because it is fulfilling and pleasing for me to foster creativity.
Here’s the original article, if you’d like to read more.

ringspiralbinderFor more tips and techniques to overcome procrastination, consider our Seven Step Procrastination-Busting System.  Details are here.

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