News flash: Doodling makes you smarter

by Lisa Rothstein on 09/27/2011

A new TED talk confirms what I’ve always known…doodling is not goofing off, it’s a way to help you concentrate and think more creatively. For me,it keeps me present as I listen to what’s being said in a meeting or on the telephone by keeping my hands and eyes busy. And when I’m simply thinking something over, doodling becomes a form of  meditation. It’s a great stress-buster. I think it helps me solve problems. And every so often, I draw something that’s not half bad.

Take a look at the TED video below.

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DeBorah Beatty January 21, 2012 at 6:33 pm

I knew it! I know when I’m listening to teleseminars or trying to figure something out, to relax my mind I do something now being called “zentangles” or “zendoodles” (I’ve always just called it doodling) which consists of creating large shapes and filling them in with smaller lines. The process of connecting the shapes calms me and lets my mind work at its own speed (which is usually considerably faster without all the conscious filtering).

Thanks for posting this.

Deborah Sanderson April 9, 2012 at 6:31 am

Thanks for this. I’ve been teaching the art of Doodling for years, throughout all age groups. It’s good to hear it confirmed as having the contemporary relevance it deserves. (Excellent TED talk)

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