The First ebook for Multi-Talented Procrastinators

by Lisa Rothstein on 07/01/2011

Overcoming Procrastination for Multi-Talented People, on Kindle, Nook, .pdf and more!

If procrastination is your big bugaboo (as it is for most DaVincis we’ve met, including yours truly), head on over to Smashwords and download our new ebook hot off the digital virtual press: Overcoming Procrastination for Multi-Talented People: How to Keep Too Many Ideas Keep You From Getting Anything Done.

And if you’d like $1 off this already insanely affordable sanity-saver, check your email of July 1 if you’re on “Da List” or sign up now by entering your name and email at the right of this page –> and you’ll get an email with your exclusive coupon code.

We’re not sure why procrastination is the probably #1 on the list of DaVinci Challenges, but I have a couple of theories.

First, while it’s a human tendency to procrastinate, creative people have it in spades…and multi-talented people have it exponentially — after all, we have so much more stuff to put off.

Next, procrastination is intimately connected to a number of other painful conditions that plague DaVincis, including guilt, fear of failure and overwhelm to name a few.

Finally, it’s a just a bitter and almost poetic irony that people like us who want to do some much more than the average person, and who have so many more ideas and passions, find ourselves paralyzed and sidelined by procrastination, so that we actually end up doing less.

The good news is that while the urge to procrastinate can’t really be eliminated altogether, it can be mitigated, managed and even tricked into being productivity, the other side of the same coin. That’s what’s covered in this compact 30-page ebook, chock full of prescriptive tips for different procrastination styles common to DaVincis.

So sign up for the list and grab your coupon — then head over to grab Overcoming Procrastination for Multi-Talented People: How to Keep Too Many Ideas Keep You From Getting Anything Done.

And while you’re at it, the authors among you should check out Smashwords, a great new platform for ebooks that lets you publish to all formats at once so your readers can download your work to their Kindle, PC or almost any other format of their choice, all from one nifty-looking page. They even give you great tips to market your book!


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