Multiple talents make great teaching tools

by Lisa Rothstein on 01/14/2011

If anyone uses multiple talents and creativity in their work, it’s teachers. Don’t you remember your favorite teachers from classrooms past, who would bring their talents to bear to make learning fun and memorable? As the daughter of a New York City schoolteacher, I know that they often had to engage their pupils on a shoestring budget, using not much more than their imaginations and all the creativity and resourcefulness they can muster. Perhaps out of necessity, teachers are some of the true Renaissance men and women –the DaVincis –of our time.

Check out this amazing video (and it’s only one of many!) by a YouTube user with the moniker historyteacher and what can be done using music, pictures, video, rhyme and a wicked sense of humor.

What do you want to bet that these videos aren’t just fun and creative but effective teaching tools too? Judging from fans’ comments on historyteacher’s Youtube channel, they rock, in more ways than one. My guess is that students won’t only be motivated to learn, but to use their own talents to share ideas and information with others.

Activity: Take a look at your creative talents and asnwer the following questions. How have you use them to teach others in the past? What might you be able to teach, explain or demonstrate now in an entertaining or memorable way that is yours alone? Whom could you enlighten using your talents? Your kids? Someone else’s? Your colleagues? Hordes of eager buyers on the internet?

If being multi-talented obligates us to anything, it’s to use our talents to make the world better … and i don’t know of any better way than teaching. Do you?

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