James Franco – A DaVinci’s DaVinci

by Liisa Kyle, Ph.D. on 09/25/2010

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James Franco was a high school math whiz who interned at Lougheed Martin….as well as a painter.

Bitten by the acting bug, he earned acclaim for roles on Freaks & Geeks, James Dean, the Spiderman series, Milk, Pineapple Express and Eat Pray Love.  He’s won some Golden-Globes and his upcoming role in 127 hours is generating huge Oscar buzz.

He’s an artist with a penchant for performance art.  One such piece involves him playing a role on the soap opera General Hospital. Franco explains that project here in this article he wrote for the Wall Street Journal.

Meanwhile, James Franco is a writer and published author who also seems to be an education addict.  He graduated from UCLA as an English major with a creative writing concentration before signing up for four (4) graduate programs in which he is participating simultaneously:  an MFA writing program at Columbia, filmmaking at NYU’s Tisch School for the arts, fiction writing at Brooklyn college and poetry at Warren Wilson College.  Recently, he began his Ph.D. program at Yale plus a new program at the Rhode Island School of Design.

His student films are inspired by poems and have made the festival circuit.  One, Saturday Night,  blossomed into a full-length documentary about SNL.  His short story collection, entitled Palo Alto, is being published next month.

Oh, and he’s a Gucci model.

For more on this DaVinci’s DaVinci — including some insights on how he manages it all (hint:  personal assistant, awe-inspiring focus), here’s a revealing recent article from New York Magazine.


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